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Quantum Mehndi

-Divinatory henna body art for emotional, cellular, & DNA re-patterning-

Photagraphy by Phillip Wartena

Mehndi is a time honoring, prehistoric tradition.
It is an ancient sacred art form that has been used for centuries to bless & adorn.
Integrating ancient & contemporary I use the human body
as the ultimate canvas for "Time is Art" Galactivation.
I define Galactivation as utilizing frequency through all of its manifestations
-sound, light, color, & cymatical (visual) representation-
to activate/galactivate our consciousness for evolution.

I combine sacred symbols from all time periods and cultures,
along with astrological, planetary, lunar, and ancient time-keeping symbolism.
I use gem essences, planetary essences, flower essences, & reiki,
along with other frequency, energy, & quantum therapies
to enhance the henna paste for specific intentions/frequencies.
I then paint the meridian lines & areas of the body that correlate with these intentions.

It is my belief that when painted with intention and frequency,
we will activate our own biochemisterical/frequency field.
And given the fact that we are very visually stimulated as a human race,
every time we look at the design/frequency, it increases it's potency exponentially.
Providing the receptivity to 'channel' the art that wants/needs to be on the body,
the music that wants/needs to be heard, and the evolution that wants/needs to transpire.

Human consciousness is evolving, and the navigation of frequency is essential.

-Let's break it down even further-

At an atomic level everything is in constant motion/rhythm.
Everything that we perceive as solid is so
because the frequency it vibrates at resonates with our own,
giving rise to the 3-D solidity we perceive.

Science has created a realm of study called cymatics.
Cymatics is the study of the visual representation of frequency,
usually seen through water/liquid, sand, etc.
If you take a plate of sand and vibrate the plate at the ohm (ancient sanskrit) frequency
you will be able to visually see a sri yantra and sanskrit formed in the sand.

Causing scientists to ponder,
"How did these ancient people know the visual representations of their 'mantras'/frequencies?"
This is an area of study that I am intensely engaging in and researching.
Through cymatics, and our increasing efficiency with technology,
we've been able to create programs that have even allowed us to view visual representations
of brain waves/frequencies -producing intricate and concentric mandalas.

Again, atomically speaking, every element both emits and absorbs a specific frequency,
allocating each element a visual representation.
Gemstones and minerals have specific elemental compositions.
Thus science has proven that they too have a frequency/'charge'
with correlating visual representations.

Gemstone essences are de-ionized (distilled) water that has been polarized
by a gemstone being immersed in it for a period of time.
Adding essences to the henna paste allows it to be 'charged' with the frequency as well.

-Now let's look at us-

Atomically speaking our DNA is made up of amino acids.
Each amino acid also has a specific elemental composition and visual representation.
Amino acids are the building blocks of life.

Disease is a result of 'mutated' DNA
~basically an amino acid is either no longer being produced, or is being replaced by a different one~
causing a systemic reaction into a physical expression of illness.
Imagine being able to 'jump-start' the DNA, to 're-mutate' back to its original
coding/amino acid,non-invasively with frequency.

I theorize that ultimately through galactivation we can 'jump-start'/recode our DNA.
The combination of intentionally using frequency -sound/music, color, light, and cymatics-
concurrently has not only the potential to activate our charkas,
but also the potential to activate our DNA,
facilitating evolution through the navigation of frequency.

Mehndi Mama Carrin

-8/2004 - Revised 3/2010-