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Mehndi Mama Carrin

Professional Mehndi Artist since 1996

I have been an artist my entire existence.
When I was introduced to mehndi in the mid-1990's,
it was the beginning of a new reality for me.
Using the body as a canvas was a unique and inspiring experience,
and learning it's history and origins was even more fascinating.
Mehndi is a prehistoric and meditational art form that blesses and honors our bodies,
long considered one of the most sacred forms of worship.
Encompassing symbolism, frequencies, and traditional
art from all cultures and time periods,
my intention is to 'channel' the art awaiting visualization on the body.
To use the curves of the body as the foundation of the design,
adorning each individual body with blessing and intention.

Currently I specialize in 'Quantum Mehndi'
~divinatory henna body art for emotional, cellular, & DNA re-patterning~
Utilizing frequency through all of its manifestations
-sound, light, color, and visual representation (cymatics)-
to activate/galactivate our consciousness for evolution.
Thus I paint visual representations of frequencies on the body
for the evolution of human consciousness.

I am inspired by Cymatics (the study of the visual representation of vibration),
Dr Emoto's study of the cystalline structures of water,
Nassim Heirimein's Unified Field Theory,
calculus, trigonometry, phiometry, and quantum physics.
Combining them with art & symbolism from multiple time periods & cultures
(including Mayan, Celtic, Asian, Persian, Hindi, Tribal),
while focusing on their common evolution and direct corelation
with nature, sacred geometry, metaphysical symbology, astrology, & numerology.
To connect science, math, & art in a completely new and healing way...
with the body as the canvas.

Integrating ancient & contemporary to adorn your body with intention & symbolism.



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Santa Cruz's Premiere Mehndi Artist since 1999

Mehndi Mama Carrin