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Blessingways & Baby Showers
with Mehndi Mama

Bring a new and meaningful aspect to welcoming new life...
Join the many women who are adding this sacred adornment to their
babyshower and blessingway festivities.

Mehndi is 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe to do while pregnant.

Want to bring a more meaningful and connecting experience
to a traditional baby shower?

Wondering what the difference between a
Blessingway and a Baby Shower is?

Birth is celebrated by many cultures at various moments and in various ways.

A Baby Shower can be defined as:
a party for a pregnant woman- a party given by the women friends
of somebody who is pregnant, at which she is given presents for the baby.

Today the typical baby shower is gaining an increasing reputation of being a 'cheesy', or
"Hallmark occasion" created by businesses of impersonal greeting cards and baby products.
Yet when seen in the context of all life-cycle ceremonies, the baby shower
does acheive some historical and psychological authenticity.

In North America baby showers became increasingly popular with the baby boom after World War II.
Prior to then they were reserved for the more well-to-do class, and were held after the birth
when the baby was presented, and any religious ceremonies were performed.
It was also a way of keeping the new mother company, while she
and her baby were in confinement, often for a month.

Traditionally it was only the first child that received such a party,
with the idea being that the gifts would see the next children through as well.
And as birth was considered a "woman's affair" only women were invited.

A key element is the "showering" of gifts on the mother and baby-to-be. For this reason, baby showers are hosted by a female friend of the family, and not by herself, her own mother or mother-in-law: that would make the expectation of gifts seem greedy.

We can see that through the history of a baby shower the focus has been upon
receiving the more material side of support from the women around us.
Although this is a very important & gracious part of honoring a woman into motherhood,
it is by no means the sole focus of support and connection we can offer.

And as we find ourselves in the age of global community, and new paradigm perceptions,
men and women alike are encouraged to form this support network for an expecting mother...
the only reason for emphasis on a women's support network is to rely upon the experiences
and knowledge of our fellow mothers, grandmothers, and child-bearing ancestors,
passed through those of us that physically have or may experience birth.


A blessingway is similar to a baby shower in many ways.
It is a gathering of (usually) women friends of an expecting mother in somewhat of a 'party' fashion.
Both usually include food & snacks, gifts for the mother & baby-to-be,
and sometimes a few 'games' too.

The key difference is a blessingway focuses on bringing
a more spiritual and connected experience to everyone there,
and to form a support system that lasts well after the 'party' is over.
Now don't be intimidated, there are many ways to bring this experience
to traditional baby showers for the more aprehensive or conservative.

For more information, or to hire a blessingway facilitator please contact me